With a proud heritage in Christchurch, we’re deeply invested in the growth of our local community, helping to make Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region a better place for generations to come.

We’re proud to support a number of local non-profit organisations, including the below.

Coast to Coast Rangers

We’ve proud to be able to support the Coast to Coast Rangers.  Jess de Bont explains what her work: “This involves taking underprivileged and at-risk teenagers from Christchurch’s eastern suburbs and training with them, to help them complete multi-sport races. For these at-risk and under privileged teenagers, completing tough, multi-sport races represents opportunities they may have never thought themselves capable of experiencing. By training for and competing in these events, they build confidence, plus gain skills, knowledge and friendships. They challenge themselves and face up to some of the struggles they have had in their lives. They will represent their schools and their community. They will become role models. They will gain self-esteem and respect.”

Coast to Coast Rangers

Shirley Toy Library

The Shirley Toy Library is one of New Zealand’s largest toy libraries. As a non-profit community service, they operate like a public library except instead of books they provide their members with a wide range of toys. This is an awesome service for parents of young children, allowing children to play with quality toys without having to buy them outright, and also ideal for those who are hosting groups of children for parties and other events.

We are delighted to support the Shirley Toy Library and strongly encourage others to get involved to help raise funds for new toys as well as for the up-keep of the library.