2016 Nissan GT-R

Arrival of our 2016 Nissan GT-R

We’ve long been Christchurch’s authorised Nissan GT-R agent, but it’s been a while since we saw a GT-R in our showroom. New General Manager, Jacob Wilson, decided to change this and secure a brand new GT-R ‘Godzilla’ in black for our dealership.

The arrival created quite a stir, with all of the sales team leaving their desks to check out the new arrival as the transport pulled up outside. The driver must have been quite nervous as he unloaded this $200,000 supercar with 4 Nissan Sales Consultants, our Sales Manager, and our General Manager all waiting excitedly at the roadside!

Nissan GT-R Rear

Our intention was to host the new GT-R at our showroom, keeping it on display for a while as the flagship of our range, but the car was so hot that we effectively sold it before the dust had a chance to settle! We’ve handed over the keys to its very proud, and very excited, new owner and we’re sure that he’s already clocked up some seriously thrill-filled kilometres!

While the GT-R is a rare vehicle in New Zealand, we look forward to securing another model in the future. To stay informed, sign-up to our email database.

The GT-R: Handbuilt in Japan

The engine and transmission of the Nissan GT-R are built one at a time, by one takumi (the highest skilled of all Japan’s craftspeople), working in a dust-free clean room and each engine has a nameplate of the takumi that hand built the engine.

Nissan GT-R Engine

Although some other supercars have engines built by hand, no other mass manufactured supercar approaches it the way we do. This is the kind of dedication to precision and attention to detail normally reserved for F1 vehicles.

News from Nissan suggests that there are just four takumi who are sanctioned to put their name on this halo vehicle. Our particular model was built by Izumi Shioya. Izumi Shioya has built many engines in his two decades, but still aims for perfection.

“What I consider a ‘perfect engine’ is one that I am convinced will have the highest performance,” Shioya says.

Making supercar engines is only part of the story, as Yokohama plant chief Nobuhiro Ozawa says owners want to meet their GT-R’s builder.

“We sometimes receive comments from GT-R owners such as ‘Who built this engine?’ Some even come to the Yokohama plant wishing to meet the actual engine-maker. When they met, he said, ‘Thank you for building my GT-R engine.”


  • Handbuilt 3.8 Litre Twin Turbo V6 Engine (404kW/628Nm)
  • Asymmetrical Suspension System
  • High Capacity Braking
  • High Performance 4WD
  • 0-100km/h in 2.7 Seconds

Advanced Information Displays

The Multi Function Meter uses a 7-inch monitor in the centre display to help you gauge your ultimate driving performance.

Nissan GT-R Dashboard and Instrument Panel

Choose one of four displays:

  1. Vehicle mechanical info like water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure.
  2. Accelerator, brake, steering and G-forces.
  3. Optimum gear selection for fuel economy.
  4. Trip distance info.

The design of the cockpit is centred around the driver, to concentrate on what matters most – pure driving exhilaration. Start button, paddle shift, Multi Function Meter, stripped back dashboard gauges, tachometer and shift indicator – all pointed right at you to get the most from your driving performance.

Refined Engineering

The best place to test a supercar’s speed and safety is incredibly dangerous – the Nürburgring, one of the fastest and most notorious circuits in the world of motor racing. And every time we shave a second or two off the car’s lap time, using exactly the same type of tyres, suspension and specification you buy we get a little bit closer to making the safest supercar available.

Nissan GT-R Interior

Nissan NZ took a GT-R for a spin on Germany’s Autobahn. But there was a twist. They set a goal of talking with someone in the passenger seat while driving at 300km/h, and didn’t miss a word. Although there are no roads in New Zealand that allow that kind of speed, you’ll know that if it’s possible at 300km/h, you’ll be able to do it at 100km/h.

See yourself behind the wheel?

Nissan GT-R Steering Wheel

If this is the view you want to see on your daily commute, winding through the Port Hills, or along the coast of Kaikoura, get in touch with our team.