New Nissan GT-R on the track

Behind the Scenes at the Nissan GT-R Dealer Launch

As an organisation, Nissan invest a lot in the training of their salespeople. When talking with potential buyers, it’s important for our teams to not only know how a vehicle looks on paper, but how it performs in the real world. While this typically means driving a new vehicle on the open-road, for one particular car, we needed to take things to the next level. That’s why our Sales Manager was recently invited to a track in Melbourne to sample one of Nissan’s most exciting vehicles ahead of its launch… the Nissan GT-R.

After an introductory morning with Nissan’s team – including a walk-around of the GT-R Track Edition, attendees were led out to the track where five new Premium GT-Rs were waiting, alongside two examples of the current model.

The outgoing Nissan GT-R is an incredible vehicle. For the new model, we expected something along the same lines but with a few small improvements. We left the event having been blown away by just how hot the new Nissan GT-R really is, not to mention the incredible upgrades available. More on those soon!

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Nissan GT-R Video

Watch Mathew’s video of the GT-R on the track – with a demonstration of launch control – as well as a quick introduction to the new GT-R Track Edition.

Photos of the 2017 Nissan GT-R

2017 Nissan GT-R in White

2017 Nissan GT-R on the track

Nissan GT-R track car and matt black

Current Nissan GT-R models

The 2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition Rear

2017 Nissan GT-R Track Edition Interior

Introducing Jodie Tait and our Front-Line Service Team

Our Service Manager decided to move on after over 30 years at the dealership, so we dug deep to search for a suitable replacement. It needed to be someone who could pick-up where our previous manager left off while bringing a renewed level of energy and excitement to the department and a fresh commitment to customer satisfaction. That search led us to Jodie Tait.

From groomer, to technician, to Workshop Foreman, to Assistant Service Manager… Jodie’s career to date has seen him quickly grow through the ranks, picking up experience in all aspects of the service department, from technical knowledge to customer service, before settling into his role as our new Service Manager.

He has settled in well so far and is really looking forward to meeting you all, and wants to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with any service you receive from our team. Of course, if you have any feedback on past experiences at our service department, or any suggestions or ideas, Jodie would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to drop him a line as your past experience with us is the key to our future success.

Next time you’re in for a service, remember that you can either drop off your vehicle to us and exchange it for one of our loan vehicles while you carry on with your day’s work, or we can take care of your vehicle while you wait. You’re invited to relax in our customer lounge with free coffee and Wi-Fi, while watching TV, or reading a newspaper.


2016 Nissan GT-R

Arrival of our 2016 Nissan GT-R

We’ve long been Christchurch’s authorised Nissan GT-R agent, but it’s been a while since we saw a GT-R in our showroom. New General Manager, Jacob Wilson, decided to change this and secure a brand new GT-R ‘Godzilla’ in black for our dealership.

The arrival created quite a stir, with all of the sales team leaving their desks to check out the new arrival as the transport pulled up outside. The driver must have been quite nervous as he unloaded this $200,000 supercar with 4 Nissan Sales Consultants, our Sales Manager, and our General Manager all waiting excitedly at the roadside!

Nissan GT-R Rear

Our intention was to host the new GT-R at our showroom, keeping it on display for a while as the flagship of our range, but the car was so hot that we effectively sold it before the dust had a chance to settle! We’ve handed over the keys to its very proud, and very excited, new owner and we’re sure that he’s already clocked up some seriously thrill-filled kilometres!

While the GT-R is a rare vehicle in New Zealand, we look forward to securing another model in the future. To stay informed, sign-up to our email database.

The GT-R: Handbuilt in Japan

The engine and transmission of the Nissan GT-R are built one at a time, by one takumi (the highest skilled of all Japan’s craftspeople), working in a dust-free clean room and each engine has a nameplate of the takumi that hand built the engine.

Nissan GT-R Engine

Although some other supercars have engines built by hand, no other mass manufactured supercar approaches it the way we do. This is the kind of dedication to precision and attention to detail normally reserved for F1 vehicles.

News from Nissan suggests that there are just four takumi who are sanctioned to put their name on this halo vehicle. Our particular model was built by Izumi Shioya. Izumi Shioya has built many engines in his two decades, but still aims for perfection.

“What I consider a ‘perfect engine’ is one that I am convinced will have the highest performance,” Shioya says.

Making supercar engines is only part of the story, as Yokohama plant chief Nobuhiro Ozawa says owners want to meet their GT-R’s builder.

“We sometimes receive comments from GT-R owners such as ‘Who built this engine?’ Some even come to the Yokohama plant wishing to meet the actual engine-maker. When they met, he said, ‘Thank you for building my GT-R engine.”


  • Handbuilt 3.8 Litre Twin Turbo V6 Engine (404kW/628Nm)
  • Asymmetrical Suspension System
  • High Capacity Braking
  • High Performance 4WD
  • 0-100km/h in 2.7 Seconds

Advanced Information Displays

The Multi Function Meter uses a 7-inch monitor in the centre display to help you gauge your ultimate driving performance.

Nissan GT-R Dashboard and Instrument Panel

Choose one of four displays:

  1. Vehicle mechanical info like water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure.
  2. Accelerator, brake, steering and G-forces.
  3. Optimum gear selection for fuel economy.
  4. Trip distance info.

The design of the cockpit is centred around the driver, to concentrate on what matters most – pure driving exhilaration. Start button, paddle shift, Multi Function Meter, stripped back dashboard gauges, tachometer and shift indicator – all pointed right at you to get the most from your driving performance.

Refined Engineering

The best place to test a supercar’s speed and safety is incredibly dangerous – the Nürburgring, one of the fastest and most notorious circuits in the world of motor racing. And every time we shave a second or two off the car’s lap time, using exactly the same type of tyres, suspension and specification you buy we get a little bit closer to making the safest supercar available.

Nissan GT-R Interior

Nissan NZ took a GT-R for a spin on Germany’s Autobahn. But there was a twist. They set a goal of talking with someone in the passenger seat while driving at 300km/h, and didn’t miss a word. Although there are no roads in New Zealand that allow that kind of speed, you’ll know that if it’s possible at 300km/h, you’ll be able to do it at 100km/h.

See yourself behind the wheel?

Nissan GT-R Steering Wheel

If this is the view you want to see on your daily commute, winding through the Port Hills, or along the coast of Kaikoura, get in touch with our team.


Farewell to Alistair Hazeldine, and Introducing Jacob Wilson

After 35 years with the dealership, and 15 as Dealer Principal, the time has come for Alistair Hazeldine to move on and hand over the reins to our new General Manager, Jacob Wilson.


At our leaving event, guests arrived in the form of colleagues, suppliers, customers, and even in the form of John Manley, Managing Director, Nissan New Zealand.


In his final speech, Alistair talked about how he first joined the dealership in 1980 as a Sales Consultant (with a few tales to tell!), followed by 10 years as a Sales Manager and then 15 as Dealer Principal. He parted with one piece of advice: “Focus on what’s through the windscreen ahead, always looking forward, and move on from that which is in your rear view mirror.”


Replacing Alistair is Jacob Wilson, pictured on the left in the above photo. Jacob has been a key part of the group for a number of years and brings with him a wide range of experience in automotive knowledge and dealership management. He looks forward to taking our dealership into the future and endeavours to make your experience with Cockram Nissan a great one.


2015 Nissan Navara Launch Event


In preparation for the launch of the stunning new NP300 Nissan Navara, members of our Sales Team members visited Kelliher Estate, Auckland, for an exclusive preview and to put the vehicle through its paces.

The team were introduced to the new Navara specifications, and had a chance to take them for a test drive through the forest. We’re pleased to say that the results were truly impressive!

The Navara now comes with a range of purpose-built Genuine Accessories, all a perfect fit and built to last.

In the images below, you can see the custom fitted Genuine Sports Bars, Roof Bars, Hard Tonneau Covers, Nudge-bars, Kick Plates,  and Tow-bars. View the accessories range here (PDF).

If you’d like to find out more about the NP300 Navara, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on (03) 366 2644. Be sure to read our previous blog post.





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Congratulations to the winners of our mall vouchers!

A big congrats to the four winners of our $250 mall vouchers!

Helen, Evelyn, Dave, and Roger all stopped to check out the Nissan vehicles we had at Westfield Riccarton and Northlands Shopping Centre recently. Enjoy your vouchers!

Winner: Roger


Micra at Westfield Mall

Qashqai at Westfield Mall

X-Trail at Westfield Mall

Nissan develops first ‘self-cleaning’ car prototype

Washing the car can be a chore – and a costly one at that! If you’re anything like us, you’ve had your fair share of day dreams, imagining that one day there will be a car that cleans itself. That day could be here sooner than you thought!

Nissan has begun tests on innovative paint technology that repels mud, rain and everyday dirt, meaning drivers may never have to clean their car again.


Mike King

Nissan Dealer of the Year Award

Someone wiser than us once said “celebrate every victory, no matter how small.” So when we won quite a large victory – achieving the award for Nissan Dealer of the Year – we decided we had to celebrate in style!

Dealer Principal, Alistair Hazeldine, treated the full Cockram Nissan team to a very cool (apologies for the pun) evening at the International Antarctic Centre near Christchurch Airport. At the event, staff experienced an icy storm that lowered the temperature to -18°C (if you watch the footage, you’ll understand why my hands were shaking while holding the camera!) before a three course meal with talks by the one and only Bob Parker, Christchurch Mayor, as well as one of New Zealand’s top comedians, Mike King.

The event was a great success and well received by a team that has worked so hard to achieve this fantastic title.

Check out some of the highlights from the evening:

PS. don’t tell Bob that we have video footage of him on TV in the 1980s. And don’t click this link to view it.

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Nissan New Zealand Managing Director, John Manley, congratulates the team at Cockram Nissan.

Ute Comparison

Behind the Scenes: Ute Comparison

Nissan Navara ComparisonWhile this blog post isn’t a review in itself, we thought it would be interesting to show you ‘behind the scenes’ of our showroom and give you an idea of what our sales team get up to in order to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

As Cockram Nissan is an official Nissan dealership, it would be understandable for a member of the public to think that our sales team are one-eyed when it comes to Nissan vehicles. However, for us at least, this isn’t the case. We know that in order to offer the best information to our customers, our team needs to have a good understanding of the other vehicles that are available on the market so that we can more accurately explain why a Nissan is the best choice for you.

With that in mind, every so often we send our staff out to other dealerships to gather together the latest models of a particular type, e.g. a collection of the latest utes on offer in Christchurch, and bring them back to our dealership after hours to discuss the vehicles. This is all done with the other dealership’s permission of course.

Each individual sales member is tasked with learning everything they can about the vehicle that they’ve brought back. Back at the dealership, that staff member presents the vehicle to the team and talks about the vehicle’s features and benefits in comparison with our own vehicle of that type.

The Ute Comparison

Our most recent comparison was for new utes that are available to purchase in Christchurch. For this comparison, we brought together a Toyota Hilux SR5, a Mitsubishi Triton, a Ford Ranger, a Holden Colorado, and a Volkswagen Amarok so that we could learn more about them and compare them to our Nissan Navara.

Sales Team Comparing Utes

Cockram Nissan Dealership

As one of the newer employees of Cockram Nissan, this was the first time I’ve personally be involved in one of these comparisons. I originally joined in just to take some photos and had planned to leave them to it but I ended up staying right to the end. It was fascinating to see all of these brand new utes in one place from so many different manufacturers and I couldn’t miss a unique opportunity to compare them all in one place while they were lined up next to each other. By the end of the evening, I felt much better placed to be able to talk confidently about the various vehicles on offer.

I can see why the team here has been doing this comparison for some time now and it’s plain to see the value that this knowledge has when one of the sales team is talking to a customer about new vehicles.