Nissan GT-R NISMO Arrives in New Zealand

The awesome new Nissan GT-R NISMO has now arrived in New Zealand and it brings a wide range of exceptional features.

  • New extreme version of Nissan GT-R super sports car joins GT-R Premium Edition and GT-R Track Edition in New Zealand.
  • 2017 GT-R NISMO sets new performance standard for legendary Nissan super sports car with 441kW / 652Nm high-capacity turbocharged 3.8L V6 engine, motorsport-inspired body, chassis and suspension developed by NISMO.
  • First NISMO-developed vehicle in Nissan New Zealand’s lineup, additional NISMO models planned.

Auckland, New Zealand (10 February, 2017) – If ever there was a vehicle designed to explore the upper limits of performance, the Nissan GT-R has always been it. While by its very nature evolution never stops, the advancement of Nissan’s iconic super sports car has established a new high point in the form of the 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO.

Bearing the name of Nissan’s legendary motorsports and performance group – NISMO, an abbreviation of NISsan MOtorports – the GT-R NISMO is without question the flagship of both the GT-R and NISMO, as well as the entire Nissan brand. Now available in New Zealand, the 441kW GT-R NISMO joins the established 2017 GT-R Premium and GT-R Track Edition vehicles as the pinnacle of the revered GT-R model range.

Drawing on Nissan’s long history of sports car design, the GT-R NISMO model itself was inspired by a NISMO-prepped GT-R racecar that competed successfully at the 2012 Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race in near-production form. As proof of concept, on 30 September 2013, a “time attack” GT-R NISMO was driven to a new volume production car and Nissan GT-R Nurburgring lap record of 7 minutes, 8.679 seconds around the famed German road course. On the 19th of November 2013, the GT-R NISMO was officially unveiled on the eve of the Tokyo Motor Show.

Not surprisingly then, while the extensive refinements made to the GT-R for 2017 place an emphasis on balancing speed with the total driving experience, the new GT-R NISMO, which is based upon the MY17 GT-R, places a stronger emphasis on the “R” – as in racing – of the GT-R name. A quick glance at the GT-R NISMO specs shows:

  • An additional 22kW of power and 20Nm of torque compared to the GT-R Premium Edition and GT-R Track Edition
  • A NISMO-tuned suspension with additional roll stiffness
  • The addition of adhesive bonding (in addition to spot welding) for increased body shell rigidity
  • NISMO-tuned aerodynamic exterior elements designed to increase downforce, including carbon fibre bootlid and spoiler, carbon fibre front and rear bumpers and lower front undercover
  • Ergonomically sculpted Alcantara®-trimmed Recaro® front bucket seats
  • NISMO racing-style Alcantara®-trimmed three-spoke steering wheel with red centre mark, designed to provide the best combination of feedback, grip and comfort.

“The GT-R NISMO is a concentrated dose of NISMO’s long-standing expertise in the form of an ultra-high-performance car,” said Takao Katagiri, President and CEO of Nissan Motorsports International Co. Ltd., President and CEO of Autech Japan Inc. and Head of NISMO Business Office in Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

“The inspiration for this extraordinary vehicle can be found in our long and successful history in developing cars for motor racing and it’s this extensive experience we have gathered from the track that has resulted in this focused version of an already special car.”

“The Nissan GT-R NISMO is arguably the most complete transfer of motor racing know-how into a production sports car, as done by a car-maker, not a tuner,” he said.

Read on for a more detailed look at the specifications of the GT-R NISMO or jump to:

Innovative, Uncompromising Engineering

The 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO employs innovation, uncompromising engineering and motorsports-inspired technologies to achieve extraordinary levels of power, speed and handling. Under the bonnet, the 3.8-litre V6 VR38DETT engine benefits from the expertise that NISMO has gained from participating in motorsports events around the globe. Engine power has been increased (versus standard GT-R models) and is rated at 441kW at 6,800rpm and 652 Nm of torque from 3,600rpm-5,600rpm. High-flow, large diameter turbochargers, used in the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 racing car, improve breathing, while optimised individual ignition timing control for each cylinder and upgraded fuel pump improve combustion.


As with all 2017 GT-R models, each GT-R NISMO engine is hand-assembled from beginning to end in a special clean room by specially trained technicians, a process similar to racing powerplant construction. An aluminium plate is added to the front of each engine showing the name of the “Takumi” engine craftsman, of which there are fewer than 10.

The engine features innovative plasma-sprayed bores (versus cast iron liners) for reduced friction, lighter weight, enhanced cooling, power output and fuel efficiency; a symmetrical independent intake and exhaust manifold system featuring twin NISMO-specific high-performance turbochargers; a secondary air management system for improved cold-start emissions performance; a thermostatically controlled oil-cooling system; an oil scavenger pump to maintain oil flowing to the turbochargers; and a lateral wet and dry sump oiling system. The GT-R NISMO’s rate of fuel consumption is 11.7 litres per 100km* (combined cycle). Recommended fuel type is 98 RON premium unleaded petrol and the fuel tank capacity is 74 litres.

As with all MY17 GT-R models, a special factory tuned Titanium exhaust system is fitted to the 2017 GT-R NISMO. The system is made of Formula One race-car-grade titanium (Ti-1Cu), with its alloy construction generating a high strength-to-weight ratio and delivering a weight savings over the stock exhaust unit – along with a clear sound that is unique to titanium. The system offers reduced thickness, integrated fins and undercover ducts, allowing it to endure high temperatures without affecting performance under extreme driving conditions.


The VR38DETT V6 is backed by an advanced paddle-shifted sequential 6-speed dual-clutch transmission (wet clutch system, not dry), which can be driver selected to shift at race car-like speeds. The sequential-shifting trans-axle features separate wet clutches for the odd (1, 3, 5) and even (2, 4, 6) gears and pre-selects the next highest and next lowest gear for quick shifts.

It also features Hill Start Assist for easy starts on uphill inclines. High performance differential oil, used in GT-R motorsports competition, is standard. Along with Nissan GT-R’s unique Premium Midship platform, the GT-R NISMO utilises an independent rear trans-axle ATTESA E-TS (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for all Terrain with Electronic Torque Split) all-wheel drive system, which optimises weight distribution and handling capability. The rear-drive-biased all-wheel drive system can vary torque split depending on speed, lateral acceleration, steering angles, tyre slip, road surface and yaw rate. Of note is a special GT-R-specific yaw-rate feedback control, which measures the differences between the target yaw rate calculated from steering angle and actual yaw rate detected by the yaw-rate sensor and G sensor to adjust torque bias.

The Premium Midship Platform layout places the transmission, transfer case and final drive at the rear of the vehicle, without the use of traditional torque tubes, allowing the suspension to operate independently and optimising tyre grip at each corner. Contributing to overall vehicle balance and low centre of gravity, the unique offset input and reaction shaft design of the rear trans-axle enables a shorter design profile versus a typical manual transmission, moving the concentration of powertrain weight lower in the vehicle.


The GT-R NISMO’s suspension set-up has been developed using NISMO’s racing experience and technologies and tuned for stunning agility, road holding and handling finesse, without compromising refinement. The springs and custom-developed Bilstein DampTronic dampers in the front and rear suspension are specially tuned to deliver exceptional grip levels and progressive handling response at the limit. Three suspension modes can be selected: Comfort, Normal and R, for circuit applications.

Specially developed links fitted to the front double wishbone suspension increase castor trail to optimise wheel position during high-G cornering and improve straight-line and cornering stability.

Additionally, large high-rigidity bolts are used to increase stiffness of the wheel-hub attachment area. To minimise body-roll during cornering and changes of direction, the Nissan GT-R NISMO features a 17.3mm hollow rear anti-roll bar (15,9mm in other GT-R models), which raises roll stiffness.


Stopping power is provided by Brembo® monoblock six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers with 390mm diameter front and 380mm diameter rear Brembo® full-floating, cross-drilled two-piece rotors and low-steel, high-stiffness brake pads that minimise fade and provide intense stopping performance. The calipers use a race car-style radial mounting to minimise caliper flex during extreme braking.

For the GT-R NISMO there are additional front and rear brake air ducts made from carbon fibre to aid brake cooling in extreme driving conditions.

Wheels and Tyres

The rigid forged metallic black 6-spoke RAYS® forged lightweight aluminium 20-inch wheels, manufactured by RAYS®, are inspired by Nissan’s legendary GT500 racecar from Japan’s Super GT racing series. Both light in weight as well as strong, much of their strength comes from their H-pattern spoke design, an I-beam-like sectional layout similar to that used in an engine connecting rod. This wheel design feature is new for the 2017 model year and further reduces weight while retaining the necessary stiffness. These wheels also feature knurling inside the bead lip to help keep the tyres from slipping around the wheels under heavy acceleration or braking.

The GT-R NISMO’s wheel dimensions are 20 x 10J (front) and 20 x 10.5J (rear), 0.5-inches wider than the GT-R Premium Edition. As such, the GT-R NISMO’s front fenders are wider compared to the standard GT-R model variants.

The GT-R NISMO’s tyres – developed by Dunlop with a NISMO-specific compound – exhibit outstanding grip and handling characteristics. The front tyres are 255/40 ZRF20, with 285/35 ZRF20 in the rear. These tyres bear the unique product identifier of ‘NR1’.

Exclusive Styling with Improved Aerodynamics

Using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulation techniques to analyse airflow, NISMO developed an aero package for the GT-R NISMO that improves road holding and minimises the negative impact of drag, while giving the car a more menacing and muscular appearance.

Together, the front bumper, engine undercover and carbon rear spoiler increase downforce and lower the car’s centre of gravity compared to the standard GT-R models. The car’s aerodynamic characteristics are tuned to ensure the downforce is equally spread front to rear at all speeds for progressive handling characteristics. A widened front bumper configuration and elongated yet tapered rear bumper design keep the drag to Cd 0.26, same as that of standard Nissan GT-R.

The GT-R NISMO’s hand-made dry carbon rear spoiler features a special coating that allows carbon fibre “weave” to be felt by touch. The lightweight dry carbon fibre material is also incredibly strong.

The GT-R NISMO creates frontal visual impact with efficient multi-LED headlights that provide a distinctive GT-R “lightning” motif, generating a bold exterior visual signature. The four LED units are configured with new LED high beam and three different low beams, including long distance illumination and wide illumination.

At the rear, GT-R’s distinctive four-ring tail light signature forms coherent circles of illumination, giving the GT-R an equally distinctive rear appearance. Upon start-up, the full lighting signature is illuminated, creating a dramatic start-up procedure.

The Nissan GT-R NISMO is available in five body colours: Jet Black, Solid Red, Pearl White, and Super Silver. As expected, GT-R’s advanced technology is present even in the vehicle’s paint, which utilises a durable anti-chip finish and “double clear coat” process. Matte Gray is also available.

A Racing-Inspired Cockpit

The Nissan GT-R NISMO cockpit inspires driver confidence through both its craftsmanship and optimised driving position. Ergonomically sculpted Recaro seats upholstered in leather and Alcantara, comfortably – yet firmly – support the driver and front-seat passenger.

NISMO racers influenced the design of the steering wheel, which is dressed in Alcantara®, with three spokes, red centre mark and red stitching to give the best combination of grip, feedback and comfort. The combi meter has a carbon-like finish, and the NISMO tachometer features a red design. The instrument hood is also dressed with Alcantara®. Interior trim features include discreet red stitching on the seats, centre console, door trim and steering wheel.

As with all 2017 GT-R models, the GT-R NISMO’s instrument panel is dominated by a video game-inspired, multi-function display that was created in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, makers of the Gran Turismo electronic game. Eleven pages of information are available on this system, including mechanical and driving information, acceleration, brake pedal pressure, steering angle and a recording function with playback. Additional on-screen information includes a Navigation system and Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System.

The NissanConnect NISMO feature is also available to GT-R NISMO owners. This app-based system provides live performance meters and a data-logger that can be shown on a suitable mobile device. The NissanConnect NISMO app can be downloaded to a suitable mobile device from the relevant app store and connected to the car via Bluetooth.

All 2017 GT-R models include a specially designed, 11-speaker Bose® audio system that features two forward-facing woofers in the rear centre armrest area. Rigid aluminium die cast panel mounting of all speakers allowed Bose® engineers to perfect the acoustic performance of the GT-R sound system. Streaming Audio via Bluetooth® is also standard. The BOSE audio system also incorporates Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which uses the speakers to cancel unpleasant sound frequencies should they enter the cabin, as well as Active Sound Control (ASC), which allows more desired frequencies in.

The exclusive GT-R Nismo is only available at Cockram Nissan by special order. If you’d like to enquire about purchasing one or have any questions, please get in touch with our team.

Darren Kelly Nissan GT-R

Nissan NZ and Darren Kelly Drift

Nissan New Zealand are delighted to announce a new partnership with Darren Kelly Drift. Darren is a two-time national drift champion, and last held the D1NZ (NZ National Drifting Championship) title in 2014, with the hopes of taking it out again this year!

Over the next year, with the support of Nissan NZ, Darren will be driving a brand new custom built R35 GTR, which is believed to be only the second R35 drift car in existence. Darren will be campaigning his new GTR in the D1NZ National Drifting Championship (commencing in Dunedin on 2nd December 2016), then crossing the ditch to take on the best Australia has to offer.

Nissan has a passion and heritage in Motorsport and with the recent arrival of the new 2017 Nissan GTR, along with the impending arrival of the Nismo brand, we see this as a terrific partnership.


Nissan NZ have also supplied Darren with a black Navara ST-X, which he will be using to tow his R35 GTR around the country for the D1NZ National Drifting Championship, so look out for his R35 on the road, and keep an eye on Nissan NZ’s Facebook page for the latest information on the whereabouts of Darren and his R35 GTR!

In the meantime, you can keep up with the latest on Darren Kelly through his website and Facebook page.

Discover NissanConnect

Connect to more than the road.

Featured on your dashboard, and available as a standard feature across the majority of our new Nissan vehicles, NissanConnect is a handy way for you to stay connected while navigating around town. If you’re unsure if your vehicle includes NissanConnect, get in touch with your Nissan’s model and year and we’ll let you know!

NissanConnect uses hands-free technology together with your smartphone to help you stay in touch with the outside world. It combines navigation, security, entertainment and more in a single dash-mounted system designed to reduce distractions. NissanConnect is loaded with features including a handy navigation system and comes with apps such as Facebook, Google and Pandora, all so you can safely stay connected while driving.


Our sales team run though these NissanConnect features when customers pick up their new Nissan vehicles, however we realise that sometime it’s hard to remember everything about your new vehicle at once, especially when caught up in the excitement of it all, so we’ve included the below handy guide running through how to set up your NissanConnect.

  1. Compatibility Check: Check to confirm that your smartphone is compatible with NissanConnect Mobile Apps using this compatibility guide.
  2. Install the NissanConnect App: You can install the NissanConnect App for free for your iPhone or Android phone.
  3. Register: Register on your new NissanConnect smartphone app.
  4. Connect your smartphone to your Nissan vehicle: For Android, pair your phone using Bluetooth. For iPhone, connect your phone using Bluetooth, or via your Apple USB Cable into the USB port located in the console of your NissanConnect equipped vehicle. If you’re unsure how to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, check out our blog post which includes a video demonstration.
  5. Log into the NissanConnect App: For the first log in, you must enter your username and password that your entered when you first registered in Step 3.
  6. Configure the NissanConnect App: Go into the ‘Manage My Vehicles’ screen to give your vehicle a name, and enter your vehicle’s 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), this can usually be found on the drivers side in the corner where the dashboard meets the windscreen.
  7. Manage your Mobile Apps: Head to the ‘Manage My Apps’ page and select the apps your wish to use in your vehicle. Some apps do require you to already have the app installed onto your smartphone, while some require you to enter your credentials to log in.
  8. Enjoy your NissanConnect Mobile Apps! Your apps will now appear on your vehicle’s touch screen menu, but only when your phone is connected to both your vehicle and the internet. If you want to turn any apps off, simply head back to ‘Manage My Apps’ to deactivate any apps in the vehicle.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team, they’re always happy to help!

*Features and functions may vary by grade.

Nissan Navara Warrior in Black

Introducing the Nissan Navara ST-X Warrior!

The Navara Warrior has arrived! Sitting alongside our own Navara Blackout Edition, the new Navara Warrior Limited Edition ute enhances the 2WD and 4WD Navara ST-X with features designed to make it stand out from the pack.

Nissan Navara Warrior in Black

Bruce and Wati from B.M.W. Joinery with their new Navara Warrior in black.

Features of the Navara ST-X 2WD or 4WD Warrior include all the features of the Navara ST-X 2WD or 4WD plus/or:

  • Katana 8 black alloy wheels with 265/50/R20 tyres
  • Black sports bar, front grille, and rear spoiler
  • Colour-coded front fog light surrounds
  • The exclusive Warrior graphics pack
  • Special edition Navara Warrior carpet mat set

With these added features, the Navara Warrior is designed to get the job done while boasting much more road presence and street appeal.


The Navara ST-X Warrior. One look says it all.


The Test Drive Process

Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting experience, but it’s also a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The only way to make this decision, and to truly appreciate what owning a vehicle could be like, is to get behind the wheel and experience it for yourself.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect when you come to test drive a new vehicle with us.

Meet and greet

On your arrival at our dealership, a Vehicle Product Specialist will be on hand to greet you at our Showroom Reception. We’ll take a few minutes to introduce ourselves, offer you a complimentary coffee, water or other beverage, and get to know you a little better while discussing the vehicle that’s caught your eye.


Getting behind the wheel

For insurance purposes, we’ll need to see and make a copy of your driver’s license, along with making a note of your contact details before going ahead with the test drive. This ensures that we’re both fully covered while the test drive is underway. Once this paperwork is out of the way, you’ll be ready to get behind the wheel.

Your Vehicle Product Specialist will accompany you on the test drive, taking the opportunity to showcase features and technologies the vehicle is equipped with and answering any questions you may have. If you would prefer, your Vehicle Product Specialist will happily jump into the driver’s seat first to explain the vehicle’s features while in action, letting you take over once you’re more familiar with the vehicle.

Market Trade Appraisals

Once you’ve selected the perfect vehicle and are ready to purchase, we can appraise your trade-in vehicle. This process takes about 40 minutes. Our Sales Managers will carry out an inspection on your vehicle to evaluate how much it’s worth, aiming to offer you the best market trade price possible.


Need to discuss finance?

We offer an extensive range of vehicle finance and leasing options. Our on-site Business Consultants, Brent Sullivan and Alice Brydon, are available to discuss how we can help get you into the driver’s seat sooner rather than later, with tailored packages based on your budget and requirements.

Options are available for both private and business purchasers.

We’ll keep in touch

We understand that purchasing a new vehicle is not a decision to be taken lightly. Once you’ve completed your test drive, you’re welcome to take some time before making a decision on purchasing. Your Vehicle Product Specialist will keep in touch with you following your test drive, should they be able to offer any assistance during your decision making process.

Ready to take the next step?

"    "

Your Customised Navaras with Genuine Nissan Accessories

Modified Navara ST-X in Black

The new Nissan Navara for 2015 (NP300) has been very well received, with both long-term Nissan fans getting in touch to upgrade to the latest model, as well as extra Nissan Navara owners who are stepping into the Nissan family for the first time. Even Piha Surf Lifesavers are sporting a new Nissan Navara fleet for their rescue missions (photos on TVNZ)!

One of the great things about the new Navara is the range of purpose-built accessories available through Nissan themselves. The Genuine Nissan accessories available allow new owners to customise their vehicle to suit their own needs and style in the confidence that their accessories were specifically designed to fit their vehicle and have been tested to extremely high standards.

Take a look at some of the photos below to see how our own customers are modifying their new Navaras to suit their specific trades.

Pictured above: Marcus and Chloe picked up their awesome new Navara ST-X looking stunning in Panther Black. Marcus added some unique touches to the ute with 20″ Black Rhino Tanay Wheels and some serious looking Cooper Tyres with a very subtle lift applied to get the stance right. Tinted windows and a checkplate loadlid complete the tough look.

Alec's Navara Blackout Edition

Alec’s Navara Blackout Edition

Nissan Navara Warrior in Black

Bruce and Wati from B.M.W. Joinery with their new Navara Warrior in black.

2015 Nissan Navara in Silver

Michael of Building Today with his Navara, complete with side steps, canopy, roof cross bars, and smoked bonnet protector.

2015 Nissan Navara in Gold

The team at Hammonds Collision Centre have equipped their Navara with the genuine hard tonneau cover. They also plan to fit some new alloy wheels.

GRC Car Audio Navara

We featured Glenn’s Navara in a recent blog post. A striking look for GRC Car Audio.

View more photos of Glenn’s impressive Navara in our previous blog post.

2015 Nissan Navara with Sportsbar

This silver Navara has clean looks, with a Genuine Nissan sports bar, hard tonneau cover, and side steps.

2015 Nissan Navara Nudge Bar

This Navara for Phil Benton Builders has just been fitted with new mags, and comes equipped with genuine Nissan nudge bar, side steps, and bonnet protector.

Nissan Navara Comparison

Traded-in! The out-going Nissan Navara goes head-to-head with the new.

2015 Nissan Navara Canopy

We’ve fitted this red Nissan Navara with a canopy and side steps. The ‘Adventure’ canopy comes with optional remote locking!

2015 Nissan Navara Customised

Brendon’s new Navara with Sports Bar, Lid, and more.


Learn more about the Nissan Navara itself, view the Navara accessory brochure, or feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your own requirements.

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