The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and Associate Minister of Transporter have invoked a compulsory recall of Alpha-type Takata airbags. In the interests of informing and looking after the safety of Cantabrian Nissan owners, we’re very much behind this recall and are keen to do our part to ensure the affected Nissan vehicles are brought up to standard.

Takata air bag inflators are safety devices installed in various makes of vehicle to protect occupants in the event of an accident. Globally around 100 million vehicles are affected by the wider Takata airbag recall. The Alpha airbags were an early type of airbag made by Takata and have a significantly higher rate of failure due to a manufacturing fault.

How do I know if my Nissan is part of the recall?

If your address details are up-to-date with the NZ Transport Agency (you can check they have the correct address for you here) then you’ll receive a letter from Nissan New Zealand notifying you of your recall and providing information on how you can book with us. If your recall is related to the Alpha-type airbag, it’s recommended that you take action to have this replaced immediately.

The New Zealand Government has created a recall website where you can check for broad information on recalls related to vehicles. Nissan Japan also have their own online recall check. Please note that this is in Japanese – we recommend using Google Chrome to allow for easy in-browser translation. You’ll need your vehicle’s VIN number.

Where do I find the VIN on my Nissan?

The location of your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Idenfitication Number), also known as a chassis number, can vary depending on your Nissan model. Typically, you can find the VIN at the back left (when facing the vehicle) of the engine bay on a metal plate. The VIN may also be at the base of your windscreen on the passenger side, or in the door frame. Take a look at our video demonstration to help locate your VIN, or get in touch if you’d like assistance.

Is there any charge for the recall work?

There is no charge for the recall work to be carried out; feel free to wait in our customer lounge while we carry out this work for you (coffee, TV, WiFi, children’s play area), book a courtesy vehicle (subject to availability), use our free pick-up and drop-off service or talk a short walk into town for the day.

If you’d like us to look at anything else while your vehicle is with us, let us know.

What about other Takata airbags?

The recall of these is still underway as a voluntary recall at this stage. The focus of the compulsory recall is on the higher risk Alpha type airbags and getting these replaced as a matter of priority. If you have a vehicle affected by an airbag recall that is not the Alpha-type and not under active recall right now, it may be scheduled for recall initiation in the near future, so make sure your address details are up to date.

Press Release from the Motor Industry Association

David Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of the MIA says ‘the Takata airbag recall is unprecedented in scale, it is a massively large and complex logistical issue affecting new and used vehicles with two different types of Takata airbags. The alpha type airbag inflator fitted to vehicles between 2001 and 2006 is more at risk of failure if activated than other types of Takata airbag inflators. Completion of the recall will require the cooperation of government and industry to undertake and the MIA welcomes the Government’s decision to make the alpha type airbag recall mandatory.’

The MIA undertook a stocktake of affected vehicles in New Zealand during March which revealed that there are around 11,280 New Zealand new vehicles with the alpha type inflator of which 6,485 have had the inflator replaced with 4,795 remaining to be completed. However, there are now 68,116 used vehicles with the alpha type inflator and while 22,494 vehicles had had the inflator replaced, there remains another 45,622 to be completed.

The issue is exacerbated by importers of used vehicles who have continued to import vehicles which have not had recalls closed out in the country they are sourcing their vehicles from. Mostly these vehicles have been proceeding through import compliance without checking and then on-sold to unsuspecting New Zealand consumers. It is then left up to New Zealand distributors to try and identify these vehicles and endeavour to manage a recall. Contrary to common misunderstanding, under New Zealand legislation New Zealand distributors of new vehicles are not obliged to undertake recalls of used imported vehicles. New Zealand consumer legislation places consumer obligations, including recalls, on the supplier of the goods, which in this case is the importer of the used vehicle. The MIA is not opposing imports of used vehicles, but these vehicles should not be on-sold to consumers with outstanding (open) recalls.

The MIA has a code of practice which encourages New Zealand Distributors to recall used imported vehicles when these vehicles have been imported prior to a recall being announced.

However, the continued importation of used vehicles with a known recall in the market vehicles are being sourced from, places an unacceptable burden on consumers. MIA welcomes the Government’s decision to prevent any vehicle with an open recall from passing compliance and entry into the New Zealand fleet.

Get in Touch

If you’ve already been to Nissan Japan’s online recall check website and would like more information, or if you’d like us to complete this check for you, please complete the form below.

  • View our video on how to find this. Quick tip: snap a photo of your VIN so you have this handy when completing the form.
  • Help us double-check your details.

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