Nissan Bluetooth Connectivity

How to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth

When you collect your new Nissan from our showroom, our professionals will talk you through the vehicle’s main features and help you to pair your mobile device to your new vehicle via Bluetooth. However, we often find that guests can get caught up in the excitement and forget what was said at the time. After all, there can be a lot to take in and most people are usually pretty keen to hit the road in their new car!

For that reason, we’ve put together the above video. Luke Wielsma, one of our Nissan Product Specialists, talks you through the process of how to connect your smartphone to your Nissan – in this case a Nissan Navara – using Bluetooth. While Luke’s using a Samsung Galaxy S7, the process is similar on other devices. If you get stuck, feel free to drop by our showroom with your Nissan during our open hours and we’ll be happy to take a moment and show you through the process.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to accompany the video:

  1. Turn on your vehicle (the engine doesn’t have to be running) and your mobile
  2. On your mobile, head to the Bluetooth settings screen and activate Bluetooth
  3. On your Nissan, select ‘Setup‘, and then ‘Telephone & Bluetooth‘, and ‘Pair new device
  4. On your phone, select ‘My Car‘ (this should appear as a nearby device in your Bluetooth settings list)
  5. On your Nissan, select ‘Yes‘ to accept the pairing
  6. Your phone should now be connected (if prompted, enter the passcode shown on your Nissan’s screen)

After a few seconds, your phone will ask if you’d like to sync your contacts to your Nissan. Accepting this will allow you access to both your address book and your call history from your Nissan.

Need assistance? Be sure to drop by our showroom with your Nissan and we’ll help you out.