Planning a road trip? View our essential safety checks.

Before you head out for this summer’s road trip adventure, for a Christmas family reunion, or for the annual family holiday, make sure that your most essential road trip item – your vehicle – is all ready to go!

Bring your vehicle into Cockram Nissan before you head out and we’ll carry out the below essential summer vehicle checks to ensure you have a hassle-free summer with your vehicle.

1. Check your air conditioning

Your air con system may not be working as well as it should after the long winter, and it is definitely a summer road trip essential. During long trips, keeping the windows up and the air conditioning on improves aerodynamics and reduces driver fatigue, while also keeping passengers comfortable. A marginally operating system is more likely to fail in hot weather, so before you head out we’ll make sure your air con is working efficiently.

2. Check your cooling system

The biggest cause of summer breakdowns is overheating. An overheating radiator could indicate that the coolant level is too low. Before heading away, you can check your coolant level for yourself. The coolant reservoir will be located directly underneath your bonnet, towards the front of the engine bay, and your coolant level should always lie between the minimum and maximum markings.

3. Check your oil

If you are planning on making long trips or towing a trailer, boat or caravan, it’s a good idea to get your oil and your oil filter checked, and changed if needed, to prevent the possibility of your engine overheating.

4. Check your windshield wipers

Your windshield wipers may be damaged from scraping across an icy windscreen during the winter, so we’ll give those a check to make sure they are working efficiently. We’ll also top up your wiper fluid, you may need to wipe dust or bugs off your windscreen during a long journey. Topping up your window wiper fluid is also something you can do yourself, if needed.

5. Check your tyres

As the heat rises, so do the pressure levels of your tyres, this should be checked before a summer trip. We’ll also examine your tyres for tread life or uneven wearing. Before you head out, ensure you have a spare tyre and a tyre changing kit in your vehicle in case it is needed.

6. Check your car battery

We’ll check this to make sure that it is in good working condition and won’t be at a failure risk on your trip.

Lastly, before you head out on your adventure, make sure you have a first aid kit in your vehicle for emergencies, that you know how to work your Sat Nav and, most important of all, enjoy yourself!

Book your vehicle in for a Summer Road Trip Check today, or contact our team on 03 366 2644 for more information.


*Other checks may be carried out. Please enquire with our team at time of booking.