Which Navara is right for you?

The full range has arrived, the fully powerful, fully clever Nissan NP300 Navara is now available in Dual Cab, King Cab and Single Cab.

Whatever body you choose, the all-new Nissan NP300 Navara is loaded with power and technology, as well as all-day comfort seats, plus 7 airbags. The twin-turbo diesel engine offers best-in-class diesel fuel economy plus powerful performance.

View our range below, and see which Navara would suit you the best.


Single Cab

If you need all the load space you can get, the single cab with its extra-long tray is your best bet. The interior is loaded with all the features you want for a comfortable day on the job.

The Single Cab range is available is two model ranges – DX and RX – with either a 2.5L four-cylinder petrol engine, or the 2.3L single-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine. Both 2WD and 4WD drivetrains are available, both controlled by a standard 6-speed manual transmission. A 7-speed automatic is available as an option for the turbo-diesel RX 4WD.

All Single Cab models are cab-chassis in configuration, a pickup style side rear body is not available.

Maximum load capacities for NP300 Navara Single Cab models range from 1,196kg to 1,362kg, depending on model grade and drivetrain. All variants are fitted with leaf spring rear suspension.


King Cab

Adding space and style is the all-new NP300 Navara King Cab. If you occasionally need to throw mates in the back or keep your gear more secure, the King Cab offers heaps of flexibility with its fold-down rear seats, longer tray and wide- opening rear doors.

The King Cab body design offers seating for up to four occupants, with rear seat access available via a clever reverse-opening door panel behind each side door.

The King Cab range is only available in turbo-diesel power, specifically single turbo-diesel for the RX grade and twin turbo-diesel for the ST and ST-X grades.

The RX grade for the King Cab is available in either cab-chassis or with a pickup style rear body. The ST and ST-X grades are available only as a pickup. All King Cab variants are fitted with leaf spring rear suspension.


Dual Cab

The Dual-Cab has an SUV-like interior that seats five comfortably, perfect for the whole work crew or family holidays. Also, there’s plenty of room in the tray for your tools or camping gear.

The workhorse-oriented Dual Cab variant will allow fitment of a drop-side tray cargo body and comes fitted with leaf spring rear suspension and a maximum load capacity of 1,151kg. It is available only in the RX model grade as a 4WD with single turbo-diesel power.


Nissan Genuine Accessories

Your Nissan vehicle is an important investment. Don’t compromise on quality or fit – insist on Genuine Nissan Accessories. Make your Navara unique and the best looking Nissan out on the road – in your eyes – with accessories that are designed and developed specifically for your vehicle.

The all-new Nissan NP300 Navara is no exception, with a large range of Nissan Genuine Accessories for whatever you need to do, whether you’re at the work-site, or the camp-site.

Find out more about the NP300 Navara, or view our range of Genuine Nissan Accessories.

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