Winter Motoring Tips

These winter nights have been pretty cold and frosty. If you have no choice but to leave your Nissan vehicle outside at night, you’ll probably often find your windscreen covered in frost. We have a few tips for you in order to help solve this problem.

1. Do not use your wipers until you have covered the windscreen with water.

Without the lubrication that water gives, the rubber blades of your windscreen wipers are ‘rasping’ over the ice crystals and potentially tearing the rubber, therefore making them ineffective and wearing out long before they should.

2. Don’t use hot water on your windscreen.

It is true that hot water will melt the ice a little quicker, but cold water will also work and can actually be a safer option. When hot water is used you may run into problems. If your windscreen has a chip or a crack, the sudden change of temperature caused by pouring boiling hot water on it can accentuate the crack, resulting is a fully cracked windscreen.

3. Be patient.

Pour cold or warm water over the entire windscreen (and side windows too), Refrain from using your wipers until all of the ice has melted, Allow time for your heater to work and drive safely as if the frost has affected your vehicles windscreen, it may have of affected the roads too.  Remember ice on the road is often hard to spot.

4. Have your vehicle’s Anti-Freeze changed.

Anti-Freeze is used in the engine of your vehicle and helps prevent the engine coolant from expanding and potentially bursting its confines when all the liquid freezes. If you cannot recall when it was changed last – then it’s probably due!