Classic Nissan Skyline Video

Classic Nissan/Datsun Skylines

Happy New Year! To get started with 2013, I was planning on writing a post that looks back on 2012, but then I came across this video and decided to look back a little further. Right back to 1969 in fact.

This video, produced by Petrolicious in the San Francisco Bay Area, features two classic Skylines owned by Ivan Jaramillo; the Hakosuka and the Kenmeri.

True Nissan/Datsun enthusiasts will know that the Hakosuka (as named by fans but officially called the less catchy PGC-10 and KPGC-10) was the first GT-R Skyline, making its appearance in February 1969. The Kenmeri (C110 and GC100) was produced from 1972 through to 1977 and featured the circular rear tail and brake lights that the Skyline is so well known for today.

Classic Nissan Skyline Video

This beautiful video steers clear of the technical talk found in many automotive videos and instead focuses on the pure experience of owning these two legendary vehicles, as told by the owner himself.

Turn your speakers up, sit back, and enjoy.

You can also view the video here >