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The Nissan LEAF

We’ve brought the Nissan LEAF® back to New Zealand! We’ve long been a certified Zero Emission dealer, and now we’ve returned the Nissan LEAF (Leading, Environmentally-friendly, Affordable Family vehicle) to our showroom, right here in Christchurch at our official Nissan dealership.

Following its original launch back in 2010, the Nissan LEAF was quickly named ‘World Car of the Year’, the automotive industry’s most prestigious award, as well as separate European and Japanese Car of the Year awards.

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New Zealand’s Most Reliable Car
…and most satisfied owners

In November 2017, the Nissan LEAF was awarded the title of ‘Most Reliable Car in New Zealand’ following a comprehensive study by Consumer NZ. The study – surveying 10,350 vehicles across 23 brands and 69 models – specifically named the LEAF ‘Most Reliable Medium Car’ and ‘Most Reliable Car Overall’. On top of reliability, the study also asked owners how satisfied they were with their car and how likely they were to recommend the model to friends and family.

Consumer NZ head of testing Paul Smith said the Leaf’s performance is perhaps no surprise, given it has no combustion engine or gearbox, the 2 most complicated and problematic parts of a car.

“Just 4% of Leafs in our survey had a major reliability problem that caused significant repair costs or time off the road. The majority of Leaf owners, 97%, were very satisfied with this electric car,” – Consumer NZ Head of Testing, Paul Smith

Following this, the study also found that Nissan LEAF owners were the most satisfied of all owners!

“The first credible, fully electric family car. The Leaf is rare among all-electric cars firstly because it’s pretty good and secondly because it was designed to run on batteries from scratch, where most other mass-market electric cars have been adapted from internal-combustion-engined models. That makes the Nissan better placed to tackle the task in hand… Takes the Prius concept a step further. Pure electric and easy to live with.”

– Top Gear

“…it is always advisable to make sure that an electric car fits into your lifestyle. If it does, then this Leaf must be considered one of the very best of them. It’s quiet, comfortable, spacious and good to drive. It rides well and is well equipped. It’s really rather good…”

– WhatCar?

Nissan LEAF charging at home

LEAF Specifications

Specifications and features may vary slightly across our models. Typical specifications are below, or check our LEAF listings to confirm features per model.

  • Engine/Transmission
    • Eco Driving Mode
    • 3.3KW On-board Charger
    • 30kW Lithium-ion (LI-ION) Battery
    • Range over 175km (combined) approx
    • Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV)
  • Safety
    • Airbags
    • ABS Brakes
    • Rear Camera
    • Brake Assist
    • Electronic Stability Control
    • Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
  • Interior
    • Apple Car Play & Android Auto
    • Tinted Windows
    • Electric Mirrors
    • Air Conditioning
    • Heated Steering Wheel
    • Heated Seats (Front and Rear)
    • Intelligent Key with Push Button Start

All of our EV’s come with a charger that can plug into your standard plug at home. Please note you can’t use extension cords or a multibox. This will take approximately 10 hours to charge. We offer complimentary fast charging which will take approximately 3 hours. Our central city location offers a perfect opportunity for you to indulge in some shopping while your LEAF is being recharged.

Please note that some of the media display/data features on the original unit are lost due to New Zealand conversion. Ask our team for a demonstration.

Nissan Leaf in Pearl White

Our Official Nissan Dealer Advantage
Certified Zero Emission Dealer

As a Nissan dealership, we are Canterbury’s only Zero Emission dealer. With our Zero Emission facilities and Certified LEAF Technician, we’re in an ideal position to select and import the very best, low kilometre, LEAF models before preparing them for sale in a New Zealand market.

The Nissan LEAF models that we’re securing all include the benefits of:

  • 3 Year/100,000km Warranty & Roadside Assist*
  • Full Pre-Delivery Inspection by a Certified LEAF Technician
  • NZ-Safety Approved Cable Charger
  • Satellite Navigation Capable (Used Phone Data)
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Connectivity
  • Use of our EV Charging Facilities

3 year/100,000km warranty is based on whichever comes first. Use of Cockram Nissan charging facilities is available when servicing with our dealership – subject to availability, we’ll put your LEAF on charge for you following its service. Other charging use can be arranged – chat with our team.

LEAF Owners in Christchurch

Nissan LEAF owners are passionate electric vehicle fans and always a delight to meet and discuss these vehicles with. We’ve had some great chats with LEAF owners both here at the dealership, as well as at impressive Electric Vehicle events such as EVolocity. At one event, we even met an owner driving his EV from ‘Cape to Bluff’, stopping at caravan sites along the way to charge his LEAF!

Red Nissan LEAF with owners

Graham, Cynthia and Fergus the dog

Silver Nissan LEAF with new owner

Proud new LEAF owner, Chloe

Christchurch City Council's Nissan LEAF in blue

Christchurch City Council with their new LEAF

Black Nissan LEAF at EVolocity

The Nissan LEAF at EVolocity

Video Walk-around of the Nissan LEAF

Nissan Insider put together this video on behalf of Nissan USA. While it provides some good insight to the design of the LEAF, please do note that this is an overseas model and also the original ‘Generation 1’ LEAF. As such, specifications may vary.

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Note that the below applies to our Nissan LEAF S 30kW NZ Spec model (details above).

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    For specific pricing, please contact our sales team.

Please note that specifications and performance may vary. Check with our team on your particular model choice to confimr.