Nissan X-Trail

X-Trail. The world’s most popular SUV.

From the Nissan Global Newsroom: Buyers across the globe have spoken and made the Nissan X-Trail the most popular SUV in the world.

According to global new vehicle sales statistics for 2016, the Nissan X-Trail was the fifth most popular vehicle in the world last year and the most popular SUV by a margin of almost 59,000 units.

The statistics, supplied by the international automotive consultancy JATO Dynamics, show that 766,729 people took ownership of a new X-Trail last year. This number is based on data from JATO’s database of 52 countries, which shows that while most markets performed well, the X-Trail is particularly popular in Europe, China, Australasia and the USA (where it is known as the Nissan Rogue).

More than 795,000 X-Trail were sold across all the countries where the model is available, making it not just its best-selling SUV, but also Nissan’s overall best-selling vehicle.

Nissan is also “well ahead of the curve” in preparing for a market in which SUVs are the most popular body shape, JATO Dynamics noted in its analysis of global car sales. In 2016, SUVs of all sizes represented 28.8% or 24.2 million vehicles of the global market of 84.24 million vehicles. JATO Dynamics also reports that while SUVs have become the most popular vehicle type, the X-Trail is one of just two SUVs which have both grown even faster than the segment as a whole and faster than the global average in vehicle sales.


“Nissan pioneered the crossover segment, and the X-Trail is our flagship vehicle in this increasingly popular and competitive part of the market. The X-Trail stands out from the crowd thanks to its unmatched combination of striking crossover styling, practicality, engaging driving dynamics and its wealth of technological and premium features,” says Hirofumi Yojo, the Global Chief Product Specialist for the Nissan X-Trail.

The X-Trail first entered the global market in 2000, and it has since been a perennial best-seller for the SUV segment. The second generation, which was launched globally in 2007, cemented its popularity, but it was the third and current generation, which rapidly accelerated this model’s success and has made it the world’s most-loved SUV. This version of the Nissan X-Trail was launched globally in 2013 and landed on local shores in 2014. This model introduced a range of new engines and technologies, as well as the new Nissan design language that can also be seen on other models such as the Nissan Qashqai.