Duraseal Vehicle Protection in Christchurch

Duraseal: Protect your vehicle for a lifetime of ownership

Duraseal is a vehicle protection system designed to protect car interiors and exteriors for longer, lengthening their life, reducing maintenance costs and improving the resale value. Whether you’ve recently purchased a brand new vehicle, you’re planning on buying a new car, or even if you’d like to extend the life of an older vehicle, Duraseal have a product that can help. As an official supplier and applicator in Christchurch, you can purchase through us and we’ll take care of the rest, even if you haven’t bought your car from us!

Duraseal’s range of products can permanently protect your vehicle from UV rays, heat, ice, grime, waste, pollution, bird droppings, corrosion… anything that could damage or stain the original paintwork or interior of your vehicle.

At Cockram Nissan, we are proud to provide the below Duraseal products which can be used on any vehicle (not just Nissans!). Read more about each Duraseal product below and get in touch if you have further questions or you’d like to arrange application.

Dura-Seal Exterior Paint Protection

This is one of the most up to date paint protection technologies for your vehicle and means that during the lifetime of your vehicle ownership, you will never have to wax or polish your vehicle again. Dura-Seal forms and protective coat which bonds permanently with your vehicle’s exterior paint coat.

  • Makes your car very easy to wash
  • Protects against bird droppings, tree sap, dirt and many other elements
  • Means you don’t need to wax or polish your car again
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Protects the clear coat and reduces the impact of UV light
  • Is recognised by leading insurance companies
  • Is guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership

Dura-Seal Interior Fabric Protection

Dura-Seal penetrates and surrounds every fibre in your vehicle’s interior, creating an invisible barrier that protects your fabric or carpets from spills and stains for a lifetime. So if you spill a takeaway coffee in your vehicle, not to worry… the spill can be easily cleaned with no stain risk!

  • Resists everyday soiling and prevents spills from permanently staining your fabrics or carpets
  • Helps your upholstery to retain its new look for longer
  • Saves you time by making your interior fabrics easier to clean
  • Is odour free, non-allergenic and child safe
  • Is guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership
Duraseal Fabric Protection

Dura-Seal Interior Leather Protection

Leather upholstery which can be found across many vehicles in our Nissan range and does require cleaning and protection to ensure that it retains the good looks from the first day of purchase.

  • Prevents your leather interior from ageing prematurely, stops cracking and helps retain suppleness
  • Removes and protects against everyday soiling and spills
  • Removes incidents of accidental damage such as cuts, scratches, burns or pen ink
  • Saves you time when cleaning your leather upholstery
  • Is guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership

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